January 29, 2017 by Kevin Holdwick

How To Write A Resume That Wins


A resume is the first impression you create when applying for a job role so you should make it as an impressive and successful one. Once you got an interview call and done with the interview, don’t forget to send that thank you email after interview . It is also wise to check for career management articles online in sites like www.theukfranchisedirectory.net to groom yourself in a better way.

Though the recruiter comes across a whole lot of resumes, the resumes which are unique and looks out of the box attracts the at first sight. The confidence and accomplishment of the person who is applying for the job will be visible on the resume and will make the recruiter to make a call right away to recruit the right person.

The general template of your resume is a standard one. It should have the company name, title, location and the period of employment. Once you’re done with these, then you can proceed with the rest of the contents.

Don’t be a judge in what you are writing and try to be spontaneous. The ultimate goal is to have your experience and accomplishments in the paper to introduce yourself to the employer. You should also list on how your abilities will be helpful for the job you are applying. You need not worry about the style of writing if you are going to send your resume to a professional resume writer whose job is to make the resume look neat. Your resume should not exceed two pages, and it should be legible and easily understandable.

Your resume may not be up to the rank if it is copied from somewhere else without using your mind. When you use boring words, then it may not interest the employer or recruiter even to read through the resume. At this point, it might be best to seek career guidance from Deniz Sasal, or any other career consultant you may be aware of. This will ensure that you will be successful in getting that dream job!


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