June 29, 2017 by Kevin Holdwick

An All-inclusive Solar Panel Buying Checklist


Are you getting ready to enhance the energy efficiency at your home? If yes, here you go with better inputs. Energy efficient appliances can reduce your utility bills by 30 percent. It is equally necessary to optimize the energy resource for improved performance. Solar hot water systems from Solar Repairs Perth is an ideal option as a long-term investment for sustainable energy. The portals of conserve-energy-future.com emphasize on the necessity of utilizing renewable energy as a part of green and economical living. Read further to know more about the essentials of a solar hot water system purchase.

Identifying your installer
Selecting a good professional is the most imperative step towards making any purchase. Make sure to choose systems and installers who conform to specified standards. The Clean Energy Council accredits several professionals owing to their best-practice installation. It is always ideal to identify a well-established and accredited company. You can also look out for their track record, specialty services, reputation, and relevant experience.

Analyzing the efficiency
The latest variation of the solar cells is the Interdigitated Back Contact solar cells (IBC). These structures offer higher efficiency by bringing the electrical connections towards the rear-end. They also avoid contact with metal strips thereby allowing all light to enter the solar cell surface. The greater the efficiency, the larger the power generated. According to the mechanics of the photovoltaic effect, solar panels become less efficient when they get excessively warmer. So, it is necessary to install them technically under a professional guidance to enhance the output.

Assimilating the panel capacity
Make sure to consider your previous year’s energy bills to arrive at your electricity consumption pattern. Also, calculate the amount of electrical energy that your household requires during the daylight hours. It is vital to integrate the size of your solar hot water system to the consumption routine. A smaller system would be sufficient if you do not utilize much energy. You can also make use of fewer panels to offer better output if they have a good power rating. Also, consider the roof space available that faces towards the north.

Look out for the warranties offered
Certain manufacturers provide assurances for up to 20 years. It is imperative to identify sellers who offer long guarantees because of the systems last longer. The solar hot water system should provide more than 75 percent power even after 15 years of use. Also, consider the warranties available for supporting gears and frames. Consider the maintenance and repair costs. Choose a supplier who offers assurance for both the product and its performance.

A few more add-ons
Consider the use of a storage battery to accumulate some electrical energy as a reserve. Always receive multiple quotes from different service providers to obtain the best bet. If you feel that the upfront costs are higher, go in for solar leasing agreements. Consider the rebates offered by your seller or installer. Make sure the solar panels adhere to the prescribed standards. Pay close attention to the additional fees involved during installation and maintenance. Always go in for a local company to receive additional benefits. Hope these insights would drive you to make a right purchase.

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